San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Rips ‘Bully’ And ‘Big Mouth’ Trump

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” inducted San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz into its “Trump Attacked Me On Twitter” Hall of Fame on Wednesday night.

Cruz was bestowed the honor following her feud with President Donald Trump, which began when she criticized the federal response to Hurricane Maria.

In accepting the award, the Puerto Rican official continued with her criticism of the commander in chief. She called him a “bully” and mocked his daily Twitter meltdowns.

“That gentleman that took the Twitter account for 11 minutes should be nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Cruz. “I hope he’s a better golf player than he is a president, because he surely isn’t a good president,” she added.

Cruz noted that being attacked by the president was “a badge of courage” because it meant she was “different to him” and actually cared about people.

In a later sit-down interview with host Stephen Colbert, Cruz said the recovery operation on the island was “not going as fast as it should.”

“It’s a touch and go situation,” she said. It wouldn’t be helped by the White House’s tax reform, she added.

“President Trump has not been up to the standards that this country deserves,” said Cruz. “The American people has such a big heart, and that contrasts with the American president that has such a big mouth.”

Check out her award acceptance above, and the interview below:

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