After A Day Of American Gushing, ‘SNL’ Goes Smart Aleck On The Royal Wedding

At long last the “Saturday Night Live” colonialists finally ribbed the Brits after the hoopla over the royal wedding.

The downright cheek was delivered in the form of an ersatz “Official Wedding Video 2018.” Prince Harry (Mikey Day) —“aka Ron Sleasley” — holds court at the reception. His bride , sadly, can’t be there. She’s in the hall trying to intercept “some of her white relatives because they’re mental,” Harry explains.

Kate Middleton (Cecily Strong) blows in tipsy, taking advantage for a change of not being pregnant. And Meghan’s great uncle (Kennan Thompson) has his arm slung around a prim Queen Elizabeth (Kate McKinnon). “Man, I was just telling her majesty here,” he explains to Harry, “that she should start watching “The Crown,” because they make her look like a bitch on that show.”

Prince William, played by Alex Moffat, is carrying his latest baby in a front pack and drinking a “virgin hot toddy,” i.e. tea. Harry zings his bro: “So sorry to hear that your hair could not make it.”

Check out some of the celebrities (like Aidy Bryant’s Eton John) in the video.

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