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Then He Could Have “Gotten Away With It All”

Trying to get clean was at the center of “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open as Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump ended up naked in a cold shower with a dirty Paul Manafort (Alex Moffat). 

They both get their backs scrubbed by an eager Kate McKinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Beck Bennet’s Mike Pence (wearing a suit because he’s not “married to water”) — and “Trump” can make certain Manafort isn’t wearing a wire.

It’s too late, the “president” concedes, to help Harvey Weinstein extricate himself from a burgeoning sex harassment and assault scandal. “What an idiot that Harvey Weinstein is,” Baldwin tells Moffat. “He could have gotten away with it all if only he had gotten himself elected president.” 

As for Manafort, Baldwin suggests he dress up like a turkey so the president can pardon him  at Thanksgiving — but warns the family might bungle it and end up eating him. “It’s shame you’re going to prison,” Baldwin’s Trump tells his former campaign manager. “I was about to give you a yuge tax break.”

McKinnon warns that maybe they should all get used to “wearing strips.” That’s “why I’m wearing a bathing costume that I got from my favorite place — the 1890s.”

If he gets in trouble “Sessions” plans to “roll over and play dead like the half-possum I am.”

Trump is supposed to be on his way to his Asia tour, but has replaced himself on Air Force One with a Donald doll. Cecily Strong’s Melania, sitting next to the big dummy, is delighted. She gets to talk for a change, her hubby actually seems presidential, and his “bicep” feels like he’s been working out.

Check out the video above.

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